I filed  (8-22-12)as a Write In candidate for the office of State Treasurer in the state of Utah. This campaign is more about promoting the People’s Party than it is about anything else. The first few sentences on the Introduction Page of the Utah People’s Party follow.

For citizens who want to limit government and to include God in government, the People’s Party is a better alternative than either the Republican or Democratic parties. The Party seeks to conform to the teachings of our state’s majority religion that relate to politics or public policy. Because many churches teach similar moral standards and encourage similar, faith base approaches to life, the People’s Party is the closest fit for many believers in other religions as well.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints neither endorses nor opposes the People’s Party and neither endorses nor opposes my candidacy because doing either would be inconsistent with the Church’s political neutrality policy, which says that the Church does not endorse or oppose political parties or candidates. (see political neutrality on LDS.org)

The difference between a political club and political party is that a party nominates candidates for public offices while a club does not. There are already some fabulous clubs out there but until the People’s Party appeared, the concerned citizens who belong to these clubs often did not have candidates to support who really stand for the ideals important to the citizens that form those clubs.

I endorse the Utah People’s Party wholeheartedly. I endorse every assertion the Party makes on its website. Up to today, 10-27-12 , I have written all the content on the Utah People’s Party website so that site is a great way to learn what I stand for.